Zarco to KTM - good move or a Mountain to climb?

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Thu, 05/03/2018 - 13:43
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Zarco to KTM - good move or a Mountain to climb?

Zarco to KTM -so even with Red Bulls millions, is this gonna be a mountain to climb? Pol and brad have done ok from a start up bike and it soon got to a place of the nitty gritty where it has foiund life very tough.

Honda Yamaha Suzuki and Ducati (somewhat) have all improved BIG over the winter and the KTM arrived struggling again. They always talk it up as to how close it  is but its power is down and it still has the arch enemy of edge grip under full power loose in the barn - look at Austin

There is no doubt that Zarco is an analyst and great at fine tuning the details but his style is COMPLETELY different from POls and i dont think there will be much Bike swapping going on in tests this winter!

Good luck to him but I think he could be stuck mid pack for a while but he may surprise us all - which is what he has done from the start and come out on top in his first race! (looking up, Oink Oink, there goes another one- Oven is warming for pie i may have to eat btw)

Brad - hope you have something sorted good guy to run KTM riders academy actually as i think his killer days racing have gone.

and Pol, we'll see - if they finish this season like the last, you just never know...

thoughts anyone?

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