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@ CODGER My weekly catch-up.  Was not going to get involved but your post is absolutely hilarious and I wanted to congratulate you on such humour. I particularly liked the :  "I noted that the insults had stepped up a level.  I see nothing wrong with that statement either." Superb !  
Jorge has now won on five different bikes. Talent shines.
Easier said than done. You need to watch it first.
ifs its unwatchable the dont watch it then.
F1 has reached the point where it is only attracting rich boys fathers to secure their off-springs careers. How sad is that,
Wosi.  Well done - you posted something that had some interest in it.  As what what you think - well, I'm not even sure you do think / can think (for yourself).  I am amused that you have the brass neck to brand anyone a troll.  Pot, Kettle & all that. Back on topic (ish) - perhaps you can tell me what Shwantz thinks he's having for tea? (After all, you're the one who actually knows what Revvin' Kevin actually thinks - so KS might think he'll have Tacos - but you know he really wants Pasta or something).