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Yes he probably is right but if he still owned it I doubt he would cancel the whole season
Will end in tears for Wossi's dogs tho...  he quit in advance lol
Use Ghostery in the browser (yes, it works on Edge) Its a browser extension that gives you back control over media. I haven't seen a shouty video in months and if you really want to watch, you can have a 'one time play'.
So it works like Amazon Prime's free offer. You have to sign up and give card details and if you forget to cancel, you will be debited (as it says quite clearly, quoting the date you will be debited). Is Amazon shoddy as well?
bernie is right!  as nobody knows how the pandemic will pan out, it would be far more correct to just bin the 2020 championship rather than have the enormous expense of trying to fit in a pile of races into a short period
The GOAT1 vs GOAT2? Hell yeah!